Is SEO effective in the real estate industry? Explanation of keywords to target and points to note



  • “Is SEO effective for attracting customers for real estate companies?”

    If you are reading this article, you must also have questions like these.

    In conclusion, SEO can be useful in attracting customers in the real estate industry if you can build the right path to conversion.

    Therefore, in this article, we will explain keyword selection and points to be careful of in order to succeed with SEO in the real estate industry.

    By reading this article, you may be able to understand the tips of real estate SEO and create a new pillar for attracting customers.

    If you are in charge of the web for a real estate company or if you are a manager of a real estate company, please use this as a reference.

    Is SEO effective in the real estate industry?

    As I mentioned at the beginning, SEO is also effective in the real estate industry.

    The reason why SEO is effective in the real estate industry is because it increases the number of points of contact with Internet users.

    No matter how good a company or product is that has few points of contact with users, it is more likely that it will not sell compared to a product that has many points of contact.

    This is because what psychology calls the mere exposure effect (Zianth effect) works on users.

    The mere exposure effect is a psychological effect proposed by American psychologist Robert Zaians, and refers to the effect that repeatedly exposing someone to something increases their likeability and impression.

    The reason why the mere exposure effect is connected to real estate is because high-priced products like real estate require a long period of consideration and involve a large number of people involved in the consideration.

    It is necessary to increase the number of points of contact with users during the study period and maintain contact with as many users as possible who are involved in the study.

    SEO exists as a means of creating one such point of contact.

    Regardless of whether the service your company provides is BtoC or BtoB, users first search the Internet to find information.

    By having contact there, a simple exposure effect is created, which can lead to a favorable impression of the company or service, which can lead to eventual sales by getting the customer to consider the company or service.

    However, in the real estate industry, there are many cases where competing sites are major companies.

    Therefore, keyword selection is very important in order to rank high in SEO.

    In the next chapter, we will introduce keywords that should be addressed in the real estate industry.

    Keywords that real estate companies should aim for in SEO

    In this chapter, we will explain the important keywords for successful SEO in the real estate industry.

    Although this is not limited to SEO for real estate sites, it is no exaggeration to say that keyword selection is the most important factor for successful SEO.

    Be sure to understand it thoroughly in order to increase conversions and visits.

    Keywords that real estate companies should aim for in SEO

    • Long tail keywords
    • Region+〇〇
    • Property proper noun

    I will explain each in detail.

    1. long tail keywords

    The keywords that you should keep in mind are long-tail keywords.

    Long-tail keywords are compound words with low search volume.

    In the real estate industry, the following keywords are long-tail keywords.

    • “Rental 1LDK Pets Allowed”
    • “Office 200 tsubo cheap”
    • “Real estate investment seminar for people in their 20s”

    Long-tail keywords have a lower search volume, but they also have less competition.

    Also, since it is a compound word, the user’s search needs are clear.

    Therefore, compared to keywords with high search volume, long-tail keywords are easier to rank higher in SEO and lead to more conversions.

    In the real estate industry, where there is a lot of competition, it is necessary to consciously choose long-tail keywords and take countermeasures.

    Here’s how to find long-tail keywords:

    How to find long-tail keywords

    1. Search for highly abstract keywords related to the products your company handles, such as “real estate” and “rental,” in Google Ads.keyword plannerEnter.
    2. Check the search volume of the extracted keywords.
    3. Long-tail keywords are 3-4 word keywords with relatively low search volume that are likely to lead to conversions for your company

    You should aim for high rankings for big keywords, but first, getting long tail keywords high will make it easier to get conversions.

    2. Region+〇〇

    Assuming long-tail keywords, the keywords that real estate companies want to target are the combination of “region + 〇〇” keywords.

    Because real estate is characterized by land and buildings as commercial products, there is always a location.

    Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that it is essential to perform SEO using keywords that include specific regions.

    for example,

    • “Ebisu 1K”
    • “Ebisu Tower Apartment”
    • “Ebisu Restaurant Inuki”

    In this way, it would be effective to display high rankings for keywords such as “region + specific conditions”.

    3. Proper noun of the property

    Another keyword that is surprisingly overlooked is the property’s proper name.

    Famous rental properties and office buildings can also be searched using proper nouns.

    Some properties have a high search volume, so keywords to target include condominium series from major companies and popular tower condominiums.

    • The Park House
    • city ​​house
    • Park Homes
    • Proud

    If there is a search volume for famous property names in the area, such as condominium series like this one, one way is to aim for higher rankings with SEO.

    Points to keep in mind when doing SEO in the real estate industry

    Next, we will introduce the points you should pay attention to in order to succeed with SEO in the real estate industry.

    Rather than being a point for ranking high, it is an action for users who have come in through SEO.

    SEO is considered to be important not only in traffic, but also in user behavior after traffic, so be sure to keep this in mind as well.

    Points to keep in mind when it comes to SEO in the real estate industry

    • Lowering the hurdles for CV
    • Create multiple touchpoints with users

    I will explain each.

    1. Lower the CV hurdle

    The first thing you should be aware of is lowering the hurdles for conversion.

    If conversion hurdles are high for users, both CVR and conversion numbers will drop.

    For example, even if your conversion point is to purchase a property, it will be difficult to get a conversion.

    I repeat, real estate has a high unit price and many people are involved in settlement, so the consideration period is long.

    Therefore, setting a low conversion hurdle will make it easier to obtain conversions.

    for example,

    • Information request
    • Application for preview
    • Free consultation

    In this way, set conversion points for the information users want to know and the actions they want to take before purchasing real estate.

    If you can optimize conversion points, the number of conversions will naturally increase, and you can also approach it with methods other than SEO, which is often more efficient in the long run.

    2. Create multiple conversion points and touch points

    Another thing to keep in mind when doing SEO in the real estate industry is to create multiple conversion points and touch points.

    Especially for products that require a long consideration period, such as real estate products, the information that users want and the actions they want to take vary depending on the user.

    For example, a user who has just learned about your company’s real estate services may want to know more about the property or land before making an inquiry.

    Additionally, if you are a user who has viewed a property or land, sending detailed information about the service via email may make it easier to compare with other companies and ultimately lead to placing an order.

    By setting conversion points and touchpoints according to the user’s situation and state of mind, you can maximize the effectiveness of SEO.

    In the final chapter, we will introduce our services for companies that cannot carry out SEO measures themselves, or for companies that have tried them but have not seen results.

    If you are looking for an SEO agency, please refer to it.

    [Summary] SEO is essential in the real estate industry! If you have any problems, please contact us for free consultation

    At first glance, it may seem that SEO is not effective for real estate products, as prices are high and competition is strong.

    However, by selecting appropriate keywords and designing conversion paths, it is a product that can fully demonstrate the effectiveness of SEO and can be expected to have sufficient effects.

    Please keep the information introduced in this article in mind when selecting keywords and designing conversions.

    Just being aware of the content introduced in this article can make a big difference in the results of your website.

    If you find it difficult to implement the content introduced in this article, or if you are already doing it, please feel free to contact us please.