5 measures that remodeling and renovation companies should focus on in SEO



  • “With traditional methods such as flyer distribution and door-to-door sales, it has become challenging to attract customers as desired.”
    “Even though we have a beautifully designed website, it’s difficult to get people to visit.”
    “I’m considering efforts towards SEO, but I’m unsure about its effectiveness and what specific actions to take.”

    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many renovation and remodeling professionals may have keenly felt the importance of web marketing due to the rapid acceleration of digital shifts.

    Without effectively leveraging online methods, there is a risk of being unable to acquire new customers in the future, leading to a situation where the business cannot sustain itself.

    In fact, there are likely those who are already struggling with unsuccessful customer acquisition and feeling a sense of urgency.

    One of the customer acquisition methods on the website is “SEO (Search Engine Optimization).”

    SEO is an initiative to rank one’s website high in search results on platforms like Google and Yahoo!.

    With successful SEO, you can automatically attract many potential customers to your website without the need for advertising.

    However, many may feel anxious about trying SEO and achieving results.

    Therefore, this article compiles five SEO measures that renovation and remodeling companies can immediately implement.

    If, after reading the article, you think, “It’s difficult,” or “I can’t take action due to a lack of resources,” you can also consider outsourcing these measures to an SEO specialist.

    Firstly, thoroughly understand “what measures to take” from this article and check whether you can implement them yourself.

    Fundamental Knowledge of SEO

    First, let’s briefly review “what SEO is.”

    SEO is one of the web marketing strategies that utilizes search engines.

    The goal is to display the site at the top of search results on platforms like Google and Yahoo!, increase visitors, and boost sales.

    SEO is also known as “Search Engine Optimization”.

    To achieve top-ranking with targeted keywords, you need to optimize the website for search engines and make it understandable to both the search engine robots and users searching.

    Therefore, in SEO, measures are taken considering both the search engine and the search user.

    Now, let’s look at five effective SEO measures for renovation and remodeling companies in this article.

    Five SEO Measures Renovation and Remodeling Companies Should Focus On

    In SEO for renovation and remodeling companies, the following five measures are crucial.

    SEO Measures Renovation Companies Should Focus On

    1. 【Keyword Selection】Choose complex keywords that potential customers search for
    2. 【Content Creation】Create content that search users are looking for
    3. 【Page Title】Include keywords you want to rank high for
    4. 【External Measures】Utilize social media for promotion
    5. 【Map Measures】Engage in Google Maps marketing

    Let’s explain each in detail.

    1. [Keyword Selection] Choose Complex Keywords Potential Customers Search For

    First, it’s essential to know that the success of SEO depends on the chosen keywords.

    Even if you can achieve a high ranking with certain keywords, if they are not the ones your potential customers search for, it won’t lead to customer acquisition.

    Conversely, even if potential customers search for keywords, if they are highly competitive, such as “renovation” or “remodeling,” achieving a high rank may be difficult.

    The key is to find “keywords that potential customers search for and are easy to rank high.”

    Generally, combining multiple words into “complex keywords (long-tail keywords)” like the following reduces the difficulty of SEO and makes it easier to rank high.

    • “Apartment renovation door cost”
    • “Renovation Ebisu”
    • “Renovation apartment floor”

    However, potential customers may not necessarily search using words like “renovation” or “remodeling.”

    Try looking for complex keywords that do not include direct words like the following:

    • “Hallway cold countermeasures”
    • “Loft extension”
    • “Barrier-free steps”

    When selecting keywords, refer to the following procedure:

    Procedure for Keyword Selection

    1. Set the target you want to attract by reverse engineering from your company’s services
    2. List the target’s troubles and keywords they are likely to search for, collect and expand using a keyword expansion tool.
    3. Check the search volume (demand size)
    4. Comprehensively judge “high competition,” “demand size,” and “ease of connection to conversion” to determine the target keywords

    2. [Content Creation] Create Content That Search Users Are Looking For

    One of the SEO measures that renovation and remodeling companies should undertake is content creation.

    If there are keywords you want to target for high rankings, create useful content for users searching with those keywords.

    Think of preparing one piece of content for each targeted keyword.

    Examples of content for renovation and remodeling companies include the following two:

    • Page with images of completed work examples
    • Useful content

    Let’s explain each in detail.

    Page with Construction Examples Including Images

    Let’s increase the number of pages featuring construction examples with images.

    By including images, users considering renovation and remodeling can have a concrete visual representation.

    If images of post-renovation results close to the users’ ideals are displayed, there is a higher chance of receiving requests like, “I want a design similar to this image.”

    Additionally, since images and videos become original content, they also enhance evaluation from Google.

    Sites with high-quality content that is original and useful will be displayed more prominently.

    Source: Google Search Central – Towards Improving Japanese Search Quality

    When posting images, it is effective to include both before and after images.

    In a survey on the posting methods of renovation cases, about 52.9% of respondents answered that they would like to see both before and after images.

    Source: How to Find and Refer to Renovation Companies on the Web? Survey – Servithink Co., Ltd.

    However, it’s important to include explanations not only in images but also in text.

    For example, having information such as the following can significantly satisfy people considering renovation:

    Example of Information to Include

    • Customer requests and concerns before construction
    • Details of the performed construction
    • Feedback from customers after construction
    • Detailed information (price, construction period, floor plan, years since construction, property type, etc.)

    Consider what information is essential for users considering renovation and actively reflect it in the content.

    Create Helpful Content

    Creating helpful content is also effective.

    In the process of considering renovation or remodeling, potential customers will have various questions.

    For example,

    • How much does renovation cost and how long does it take?
    • What communication approach should be taken for the desired outcome?
    • What are the tax deductions for renovations?…

    By creating content (articles, videos, etc.) that completely resolves such concerns and questions, you can build trust with potential customers.

    If successful, it may lead to branding like “That’s the company to go to for renovations.”

    Even for niche concerns, by eliminating the barrier for users who are undecided about renovation due to a particular concern, you can encourage them towards renovation.

    3.​[Page Title] Include keywords you want to rank high for

    The page title is one of the elements directly affecting search rankings.

    Search engines not only consider the main content but also use words contained in the title to determine “how to rank this page for what search keywords.”

    Therefore, include the keywords you want to rank high for in the title.

    For example, if you want a page to rank high for the keyword “Ebisu Renovation,” use “Ebisu” and “Renovation” in the title.

    Example Title

    • Ebisu Renovation Company | XYZ Corporation

    By including keywords in the title, search engines, and search users can quickly recognize, “This is a page about XYZ.”

    Regarding the use of keywords, it is effective to include keywords not only in the title but also in the following parts:

    • Description (page description)
    • Heading tags (h1, h2)

    However, be careful not to “overuse” keywords in the above places or in the body text.

    Keyword stuffing or misuse not only reduces the convenience for search users but also carries the risk of receiving penalties from Google.

    Consider it as support for “helping search engines accurately understand the content of the page” and use keywords within a natural range.

    4. [External Measures] Utilize Social Media

    Social media not only serves as an entrance to your website but, if used effectively, can lead to the acquisition of “citations.”

    A citation refers to users who have used your website or service talking about your company or content on the internet.

    Search engines also evaluate “how a website is being evaluated from external sources.”

    Therefore, if positive citations like “XYZ Corporation’s article was helpful!” increase on social media, there is a potential for an increase in the evaluation of the site and content.

    In fact, Google mentions considering “reputation” in the following document:

    The highest-quality pages are created to be very helpful for a beneficial purpose and achieve their purpose very well. The distinction between High and Highest is based on the quality and quantity of the main content (MC), as well as the level of reputation and expertise, and EAT.

    Source: Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (General Guidelines)

    To increase positive citations, it is necessary to share valuable information on social media and engage with users.

    Since it is possible to horizontally expand information posted on the website on social media by partially excerpting or changing the format, consider doing so on platforms such as:

    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • YouTube

    Among these, Instagram and Pinterest, where many images gather, are particularly compatible with the remodeling and renovation industry.

    Potential customers considering remodeling often imagine the house they want to build by looking at post-renovation photos.

    Since customers frequently search for ideal images on social media before requesting remodeling, regularly posting images after remodeling is advisable.

    5. [Map Measures] Engage in Google Maps Marketing

    Google Maps marketing is a strategy to display your company’s information prominently on Google Maps app and the map section of Google search.

    Users looking for stores are likely to search with keywords like “area name + renovation / remodeling.”

    When searched with keywords like the above, if your company’s information is displayed in the map section, there is a high possibility of being clicked, and users may visit your store directly.

    According to Google’s survey data in 2016, among users who searched for nearby stores on their smartphones, 76% visited the store on the same day, and 28% made a purchase.

    Reference: Think with Google – How Mobile Search Connects Consumers to Stores

    Therefore, if you have a physical store, it is recommended to simultaneously work on Google Maps marketing.

    In Google Maps marketing, the following two measures are crucial:

    Crucial Measures in Google Maps Marketing

    • Enhance information in your Google Business Profile
    • Implement review strategies

    Each will be briefly explained.

    Enhance Information in Google Business Profile

    If you want to appear prominently in the map section, register with Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) and enrich your company’s information.

    The information entered in the business profile will be reflected in Google Maps and the map section of search results.

    Points to note when entering information:


    • Fill in the business profile information without omission and keep it up to date consistently
    • Ensure that the company name, address, and phone number on the business profile match the website’s representation
    • Add images

    Implement Review Strategies

    The second crucial measure in Google Maps marketing is review strategies.

    Reviews on Google Maps directly influence rankings in the map section.

    For instance,

    • Having a high number of posted reviews
    • Receiving high ratings in reviews

    In such cases, the ranking is likely to increase.

    Since reviews need to be posted by customers, it’s essential to request them using methods like:

    Methods to Acquire Reviews

    • Directly ask satisfied customers to post a review
    • Display flyers with QR codes in prominent locations in the store
    • Send a review request along with a thank-you for visiting via email
    • Include a QR code to the review page in a thank-you postcard and send it

    That concludes the five SEO measures that remodeling and renovation companies should implement.

    In the next chapter, we will look at success stories.

    Should You Outsource to an SEO Agency?

    Whether to outsource SEO to an external company depends on your company’s goals and situation.

    If you can allocate resources internally, trying out strategies that you can handle is a good option.


    • “Limited resources”
    • “Lack of specialized knowledge and difficulty”
    • “Want to see results in SEO quickly and reliably”

    If you feel these, we recommend outsourcing to an agency.

    In addition to the measures introduced this time, SEO involves many other strategies such as content strategy, internal strategy, external strategy, each requiring a certain level of knowledge.

    Moreover, the speed at which industry norms are updated is quite fast.

    Of course, it is possible to handle the measures in-house, but finding a good partner often leads to more efficient results.

    If you outsource to an agency, a dedicated professional with in-depth knowledge of SEO will handle all the measures without allocating your company’s resources.

    It is a fact that the success rate is higher than when an inexperienced person starts from scratch with limited resources.

    However, many people are concerned about costs and cost-effectiveness.

    Certainly, before tackling SEO, it is crucial to consider whether the return on investment is worth the cost.

    Depending on the targeted keywords, listing advertisements may be more cost-effective than SEO.

    We accept consultations from customers, including considerations in this area.

    Currently, we also offer a free diagnosis of websites, so feel free to use it first.

    In the free diagnosis, our consultants will analyze your website and propose necessary measures.

    We comprehensively support your web promotion, not only SEO but also Google Maps marketing, listing ad operations, so we can make optimal proposals according to your needs.

    If you are a remodeling or renovation company and don’t know where to start, please feel free to use our services.

    [Summary] Effective Content SEO for Remodeling and Renovation Company’s Customer Acquisition!

    How was it?

    This time, we introduced effective SEO measures for remodeling and renovation companies.

    Let’s review the five measures once again.

    SEO Measures Remodeling and Companies Should Focus On

    1. 【Keyword Selection】Choose compound keywords that potential customers search for
    2. 【Content Creation】Create content that search users are looking for
    3. 【Page Title】Include keywords you want to rank high for
    4. 【External Measures】Utilize social media
    5. 【Map Measures】Engage in Google Maps marketing

    Carefully addressing each measure will lead to an improvement in rankings.

    However, if you aim for a high search ranking, there are many other measures to take besides those introduced this time.

    If you don’t improve the overall evaluation of your site, you won’t receive a good rating from Google.

    For areas you can’t handle in-house, consider consulting or outsourcing to an agency.

    At our Xscore, we also support your SEO, so if you are interested, please contact us using the button below.