What is the need for SEO measures? A detailed explanation of its effects, advantages and disadvantages!



  • SEO measures can be said to be the representative of web marketing.

    “I kind of understand what you mean, but SEO measures in-house ” Isn’t there a lot?

    Certainly, there are options to focus on other web marketing such as advertising and SNS.

    However, many companies are working on SEO.

    Why are so many companies working on SEO? In order to answer this question, in this article we will explain the necessity of SEO, advantages and disadvantages.

    If you are considering attracting customers online or want to engage in web marketing, please read until the end.

    SEO is essential for web marketing! The need for SEO

    In the current web marketing, SEO is essential. It is no exaggeration to say so.

    Because SEO has many advantages that other web marketing does not.

    In the first place, there are only five ways to attract customers to your website.

    5 ways to attract customers to your website

    • SEO
    • SNS
    • Advertisement
    • Referral
    • Direct

    It is difficult to deal with “referrals” that users visit through links from other sites.

    The same applies to “direct” visits made by bookmarking or directly entering a URL.

    “Advertisement” represented by listings costs money to post.

    If you can’t pay the costs, your listing will be stopped immediately, so you must continue to invest funds.

    “SNS” has less ability to attract customers compared to SEO.

    Although it has excellent temporary spreading power, it is extremely difficult to sustain it.

    Compared to web marketing such as SNS, advertisements, referrals, and direct, SEO requires less countermeasures. It’s easy to do, you can attract customers without spending a lot of money, and it boasts a high ability to attract customers.

    That’s why many companies implement SEO measures.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO?

    I will explain in detail.

    5 benefits of implementing SEO measures

    SEO measures have five main advantages.

    Advantages of SEO measures

    • High ability to attract customers
    • No advertising costs required
    • Expected to continue attracting customers
    • Easy to approach both potential customers and existing customers
    • It is also effective for branding

    In order to help you better understand the necessity of SEO measures, we will explain each of them in detail.

    Advantages of SEO measures 1.
    High ability to attract customers

    The biggest advantage of SEO is its ability to attract customers.

    There is data that shows that 28.5% of users click on the website that appears first in a search.
    ※reference: Why (almost) everything you knew about Google CTR is no longer valid

    Therefore, if you were successful in ranking first for a keyword that is searched 10,000 times a month, you would receive about 3,000 hits a month. It is possible

    You can say that this is the ability to attract customers that other web marketing does not have.

    When compared to similar listing ads that are displayed when searching, its ability to attract customers becomes clear.

    Listing ads are displayed higher than SEO.

    Despite this, on average only about 3% of listing ads are clicked.
    ※reference: Google Ads Benchmarks for YOUR Industry [Updated!]

    This is because many users dislike ads and avoid them.

    Compared to the average of about 3% for listing ads, it is 2.5% if you are ranked 10th in SEO, and 28.5% if you are ranked 1st.

    SEO is an extremely attractive method if you want to drive traffic to your website.

    Advantages of SEO 2.
    No advertising costs required

    No advertising costs is another big advantage of SEO .

    For example, in the case of the above-mentioned listing advertisement, an advertising fee is incurred for each click.

    Similarly, with Facebook ads and Twitter ads, advertising costs are incurred per click or per impression (each time an ad is displayed).

    However, with SEO, there are no advertising costs.

    SEO is very effective if you don’t want to continually spend on advertising.

    However, it is not without cost.

    This is because implementing SEO measures requires a certain amount of cost and effort to create a website.

    Typical costs for SEO

    • Market (keyword) research
    • Website design
    • Creating content (articles, photos, etc.)

    As you can see, there is no need for advertising costs for SEO, but there is a certain initial cost.

    If the above operations can be performed in-house, no costs other than personnel costs will be incurred.

    Advantages of SEO 3.
    Expect to continue attracting customers

    Points that can be expected to continue attracting customers over the medium to long term This is also an advantage of SEO.

    This is because search rankings will not change significantly unless competitors create better content or search engine evaluation criteria change.

    There is no need to spend on advertising while your site is ranked high.

    On the other hand, if you stop posting and operating advertisements and SNS, you will stop attracting customers.

    In this way, most web marketing can only temporarily attract customers.

    With SEO, if you succeed in ranking high, you will continue to receive access.

    There is no need to continue contracting with an SEO company.

    No effort required.

    However, if you do nothing, your search ranking will gradually drop, so if you want to maintain the level of customer attraction, you will need some cost and effort.

    SEO is probably the only web marketing that can consistently attract customers at such a low cost.

    A website that can attract customers can be an asset.

    Advantages of SEO 4.
    Easy to approach both potential and actual customers

    SEO makes it easy to approach both current and potential customers</ It has the advantage of span>.

    SEO can optimize content for each keyword and display it higher, making it easier to approach users who don’t know about your products.

    By approaching potential customers and increasing their desire to purchase, it is possible to develop potential customers into actual customers, and ultimately get them to purchase.

    If you are in a highly competitive genre or industry, the competition for existing customers will be fierce, so you can take a strategy to approach potential customers.

    If you approach potential customers with listing ads in the same way, you will probably end up in the red.

    For example, if you want to sell coffee beans, gathering users with search keywords such as “how to choose coffee beans” will not directly lead to purchases.

    SEO also allows you to actively target potential customers.

    One ​​of the great benefits of SEO is that it is easy to approach both actual customers and potential customers.

    Advantages of SEO 5.
    Branding effect

    SEO hasBranding effects when you can solve user problems There is also.

    This is because users naturally develop a sense of trust in websites that provide appropriate answers to their search content< It’s from /strong>.

    Suppose you are looking for a company to handle SEO.

    Example of SEO branding effect

    A: Companies that are ranked high when searching for SEO, such as “need for SEO”
    B: A company that doesn’t come up at all even if you search

    Which would you rather leave to A or B?

    Most people will choose A.

    This is true in other industries as well.

    If you succeed in ranking high in search keywords related to your products and services, people will recognize you as “this company” when it comes to 〇〇.

    If you can rank high for multiple keywords related to your industry or product, you will have more contact with users and your branding effect will increase.

    3 disadvantages of SEO measures

    SEO measures have many attractive advantages, but of course there are also disadvantages.

    3 disadvantages of SEO measures

    • It takes time to see results
    • Unable to control or predict the number of accesses
    • Subject to algorithm variation

    In order to decide whether to tackle SEO measures from now on, it is important to understand the disadvantages of each.

    Disadvantages of SEO measures 1.
    It takes time to see results

    Even if you create content, it will not be evaluated by search engines such asGoogle. It takes time.

    We have data that looks at the age of websites that appear in the top 10 for approximately 2 million keywords.
    ※reference: How long does it take to rank in Google? (A study by Ahrefs)

    The average age of the top 10 websites is over 2 years.

    The number one website has been around for about 3 years.

    Also, approximately 22% of the websites listed in the top 10 were created within the past year.

    As you can see from this data, getting to the top of the search rankings takes time.

    Websites that have been established for some time have an advantage.

    It takes at least half a year, and in many cases it takes two or three years to reach the top rankings.

    Therefore, if you want to attract customers in the short term, SEO is not suitable.

    It is important to recognize that this is only medium- to long-term web marketing.

    Disadvantages of SEO measures 2.
    Unable to control or predict the number of accesses

    If you succeed in SEO measures that have a high ability to attract customers, you will be able to collect a huge amount of access.

    However, on the other hand, The number of accesses cannot be controlled or anticipated It has a disadvantage.

    For example, what used to be about 10 inquiries a day suddenly increases in traffic due to being ranked high, and as many as 50 inquiries a day. It is not uncommon for this to occur.

    As a result,the quality of customer service may deteriorate.

    Unlike advertising, it is not possible to increase the number of staff or stop posting in advance in anticipation of an increase in inquiries.

    Be sure to consider in advance what you will do if your site receives more access than expected.

    Disadvantages of SEO measures 3.
    Subject to algorithm variation

    Google’s search engine changes the rules that determine search rankings, or updates the algorithm at irregular intervals.

    When an update is performed, the content that was displayed in 1st place will become 10th, or conversely, the content that was 10th will become 1st… .

    Overnight, your website’s ability to attract customers will change dramatically.

    Many people think this is a disadvantage of SEO.

    However, Google aims to update usability.

    We are trying to improve the search engine to make it easier for users to use.

    On the other hand, if you are creating content that is beneficial to your users, there is no need to be afraid of updates.

    [Summary] SEO measures are essential for medium- to long-term web marketing

    We will briefly summarize the advantages and disadvantages of implementing SEO measures.

    Advantages of SEO measures

    • 1. High ability to attract customers
    • 2. No advertising costs required
    • 3. Expect to continue attracting customers
    • 4. Easy to approach both potential customers and actual customers
    • 5. Improve branding

    Disadvantages of SEO measures

    • 1. It takes time to see results
    • 2. Unable to control or predict the number of accesses
    • 3. Subject to algorithm fluctuations

    If you want to attract more customers from the web in the medium to long term without spending on advertising, SEO is essential.

    However, SEO requires specialized know-how and skills, soIt’s not uncommon to hear things like, “We spent a lot of money but didn’t get any results.”

    In order to avoid such situations, why not consult an SEO agency with a wealth of know-how?

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