Is search advertising effective for real estate products? Also explains the key points of advertising operation



  • Are you wondering, “Are real estate products and search ads compatible?” and “How should I use real estate products to advertise?”

    Since real estate products are expensive, you may wonder if search advertising is really effective.

    In conclusion, search advertising is effective in the real estate industry as well.

    However, in order to be effective, it must be operated in accordance with the company’s services.

    If you use the wrong method, you may not get the results you expected, so you need to learn thoroughly.

    Therefore, in this article, we have summarized the key points of search advertising operation in the real estate industry.

    Content of this article

    • Effectiveness of search advertising in the real estate industry
    • Key points for advertising operations
    • Advantages of entrusting advertising operations to an agency

    By reading this article, you will be able to understand how real estate companies can operate to make it easier for them to achieve results.

    If you are a company manager or someone in charge of public relations who is wondering whether to use search advertising, please use this as a reference.

    Are search ads effective for real estate products?

    In conclusion, search advertising is also effective for real estate products.

    However, in order to be effective, it must be operated according to the company’s service content.

    For example, if you are a rental company that targets people in urban areas.

    Land with a large population increases the chances of closing a deal, so there are many competitors.

    Therefore, even if you place an ad, you may not get sufficient results.

    On the other hand, if the product is targeted at rural areas.

    There is less competition in rural areas than in urban areas, which may lead to more successful results.

    However, just because the target is a city center with a lot of competition, that doesn’t mean it won’t be effective.

    The results of search advertising will vary depending on the product and its operation, so depending on the product, it may be possible to see results even in urban areas.

    It is important to not only make decisions based on the target land, but also consider your company’s products when operating advertisements.

    The next chapter summarizes five points necessary for successful advertising operations in real estate products.

    If you want to bring your advertising operations closer to success, please read this book.

    5 points for successful search advertising with real estate products

    Even if you want to operate search advertising, you may not know how to operate it.

    This chapter introduces key points for the real estate industry to successfully attract customers through advertising.

    5 points for successful search advertising

    • Lowering the hurdles for results
    • Post a photo of the property on the linked website
    • Enter station name
    • Adjust target content based on search intent
    • Utilize remarketing ads

    Please check it out as it is a necessary measure to improve results with search advertising.

    Point 1. Lower the bar for success

    When operating search advertising for real estate products, it is important to lower the bar for desired results.

    Lowering the hurdle means making it easier for users to take action, such as “requesting information”, rather than “purchasing a property” as a goal.

    Real estate transactions are expensive, so users are cautious about their purchases.

    Therefore, it is more likely to lead to final profits if you create an outcome that is easy for users to take action to generate interest.

    Example of results that make it easy for users to take action

    • Request for free information
    • Contact us
    • Book a free seminar

    Since it does not directly lead to sales, it may seem like a long shot.

    However, if users are suddenly prompted to purchase a service, they will feel like they are being sold a product, which increases the risk of them leaving the website.

    Let’s use it to encourage users to make a purchase.

    Point 2. Post a photo of the property on the linked website

    Paste an image of the property on the linked website.

    This is to help users recognize the service content of the website and imagine what kind of properties are available.

    If the user recognizes that the site has information that they want to know, there is a possibility that they will be interested in the website and the withdrawal rate will be lowered.

    For example, if there are no property images on the first view of a website, it is difficult to understand what the website is about, right?

    If users realize that your website doesn’t have the information they want, they won’t be interested in the content and will leave the website.

    Be sure to include images of the property to let users know what kind of information the website has.

    Point 3. Enter station name

    Depending on your company’s services, include the station name in your advertising text or on your website.

    This is because users often search for keywords that include station names.

    For example, keywords include “Shinjuku apartment” and “Mejiro rental.”

    In central Tokyo, the distance from stations to destinations is short, and keywords that include station names tend to be searched, so we recommend including station names in your keywords.

    However, if your target is a rural area, be aware that searches are often based on the city, ward, town, or village rather than the station name.

    This is because there are fewer stations in rural areas and the distance to the destination is longer than in urban areas, so keyword searches that include station names are meaningless.

    Make sure to determine whether station names are necessary depending on the area where you are advertising.

    Point 4. Adjust target content based on search intent

    Judge the user’s situation based on the content of the keyword being searched for, and change the information you provide.

    Of course, this is because displaying content that is different from what the user wants to know will not promote your service.

    For example, let’s say a user searches for “rental in Tokyo.”

    Based on the search keyword, it can be assumed that the user is looking for a rental property in Tokyo.

    However, if the link destination is not a site where you can search for rental properties in Tokyo, it is not the user’s intention.

    If users realize that the information they are looking for is not available, they will leave the website.

    Additionally, if the relevance between your search keyword and your website is too low, your ad may not be displayed in the first place.

    Read the user’s sentiments from keywords so that your website reflects their search intent.

    Point 5. Utilize remarketing ads

    If you want your search ads to be successful, you should use remarketing ads.

    What is remarketing advertising?

    Remarketing advertising is a system that follows users who have visited a website and displays your company’s advertisements. Remarketing advertising is a medium that can easily lead to conversion acquisition because it allows you to approach users who are interested in company information.

    For example, even if a user accesses Company A’s website and then accesses another company’s page, Company A’s advertisements can be displayed.

    Users access websites because they are interested in the content, so by approaching them, they may become interested in the advertising content.

    It is a good idea to actively use remarketing ads to attract users who are interested in your company’s information.

    However, users may dislike remarketing ads if they are displayed too many times, so please set them carefully.

    We recommend that you ask your agent for the search.

    After reading this far, some of you may be thinking, “Isn’t it difficult to operate search advertising on your own?”

    When you run search ads for the first time, there are so many things to remember that it can be overwhelming.

    However, when you hire an agency, they can take care of all the daunting tasks for you.

    Please consider hiring an agency.

    2 reasons why it is recommended to ask an agency to manage your ads

    • You can place ads without any know-how
    • Get the latest information on advertising operations

    I’ll explain them one by one.

    Reason 1. Does not require man-hours and time

    By hiring an agency, companies can place advertisements without spending any man-hours or time.

    There is a lot of work to be done before placing a search ad, and it often takes a lot of man-hours.

    Example of search advertising work

    • Keyword selection
    • Creating ad copy and title
    • Setting targets

    If you want to advertise on your own, you will need to do all of the above.

    However, if you hire an agency, they will take care of everything from creating advertisements to posting and operating them, so there is almost no burden on your company.

    As a result, businesses can advertise without wasting their time and focus on their own services.

    Reason 2. Get the latest information on advertising operations

    If the agency you request is an authorized Google or Yahoo agency, they will be able to share information that can only be obtained through authorized agencies.

    The following is an example of the information you can get.

    Latest advertising information example

    • New features of search advertising
    • Competitor store information
    • Search advertising examples

    By obtaining information, you will be able to utilize it in your advertising operations.

    Another advantage of hiring an advertising agency is that they can provide you with the latest information on search advertising.

    [Summary] Make full use of search ads to increase sales

    In this article, we mainly explained the effectiveness and operational points of search advertising in the real estate industry.

    What we introduced this time

    • What is search advertising?
    • Effects of search advertising in the real estate industry
    • Key points for advertising operations
    • Advantages of entrusting advertising operations to an agency

    Search ads are ads that are displayed in conjunction with keywords searched by users.

    The effectiveness of search advertising varies depending on the company’s products, service content, targets, etc.

    However, depending on how it is used, it can increase awareness and attract more customers, so it is a good idea to consider using it.

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