Examples of Google Review Responses: Introducing 10 Templates and Key Points



  • “I received a review from a customer, but I don’t know how to respond” – have you ever felt this way?

    Even if you understand the importance of responding, many store owners may leave reviews unanswered, citing reasons like “lack of time” or “difficulty with wording.”

    Currently, there are many users who rely on Google Maps reviews to find businesses.

    In a LocalONE survey, more than 72% of respondents answered that they had referred to Google reviews.

    If you can respond appropriately to reviews, you can make a positive impression on those who have not visited your store and convey the attractiveness of your business.

    So, in this article, we explain the types of responses, example sentences, and points to keep in mind so that even beginners can respond effectively to reviews.

    Article Contents

    • Importance of responding to Google Maps reviews
    • Types of review responses
    • 10 example review responses
    • 5 points for review responses
    • Creating review responses with “ChatGPT”
    • How to remove inappropriate reviews
    • Steps to respond to reviews on Google Business Profile

    If you’re struggling with how to respond to reviews, store owners, please refer to this article.

    Importance of Responding to Google Maps Reviews

    First, let’s introduce three important reasons why responding to Google Maps reviews is crucial.

    Importance of Responding to Google Maps Reviews

    • Increases willingness to visit
    • Can increase repeat customers
    • Delivers accurate information about the store or service

    Reason 1: Increases willingness to visit

    Responding to reviews leads to an increase in customers’ willingness to visit.

    When a “response relevant to the content” is given, more than 65% of people indicated in a survey that they would think, “I want to go to the store.”
    Source:Survey on awareness of information gathering and reviews about stores (“LocalONE” survey) | ONE COMPATH Inc.

    Of particular note is that regardless of whether the review content is “positive” or “negative,” responding increases the willingness of people to visit.

    Even if you receive a negative review, you can cover it by responding politely.

    Reason 2: Can increase repeat customers

    Since reviews serve as a communication channel with customers, responding is also effective in increasing repeat customers.

    Customers feel happy when there is a thoughtful response from the store, as they have taken the time to post a review.

    When checking each review, strive to provide a reply that makes customers think, “This is a good store. I want to go again!”

    Google also states, “Responding to reviews builds trust with customers.”

    Reason 3: Delivers accurate information about the store or service

    Delivering accurate information about the store or service is another important reason for responding to reviews.

    Adding a brief statement such as “We use △△ at our store” or “We also offer ◇◇ for free at our store” encourages usage.

    Additionally, for reviews that may cause misunderstandings, it is possible to correct the information in the response.

    While responses to reviews may be seen as responses to the poster, they also have the effect of conveying the store’s appeal to viewers and preventing misunderstandings.

    Types of Review Responses

    There is a certain flow (type) of basic sentences in review response texts.

    While it is necessary to avoid becoming too formulaic, understanding the flow should allow you to respond smoothly to any type of review.

    We will explain the two patterns of “Responding to positive reviews” and “Responding to negative reviews.” * In reality, cases where positive and negative reviews are mixed may also occur.

    Responding to Positive Reviews

    For positive reviews, it is effective to create a response text with the following flow.

    Flow of response to positive reviews

    1. Express gratitude for visiting and posting a review
    2. Comment on the content of the review
    3. Provide additional information (“+α”) to make them want to visit again (or provide supplementary information that will appeal to review readers)
    4. Closing greetings

    Commenting on the received review is the most important.

    However, not only a “message to the review poster” but also a “provision of information to review readers” should be considered.

    Include sentences that convey the charm of the store that customers who have not visited or have visited only once may not know.

    By including sentences that convey the charm of the store, you can encourage them to think, “This is the kind of store I want to visit!”

    Responding to Negative Reviews

    For negative reviews, it is advisable to create a response text with the following flow.

    Responding to negative reviews

    1. Express gratitude for visiting and posting a review
    2. Comment on the content of the review
      • If it is a fact: Apologize → Report the improvement policy, such as “We will improve in the future” or “We have improved in this way”
      • If it seems to be an error or the facts are unknown: Confirm by saying, “Could there be a mistake about the store?” or “If it is true, could you contact us so that we can confirm the situation?”
      • If the content is not true: Correct the information, provide correct information
    3. Closing greetings

    The way you respond depends on whether the content of the review is a “fact,” an “error or misunderstanding,” or “not true.”

    Even in the case of critical content, respond calmly without getting emotional.

    It is important to separate emotions from facts and respond based on facts.

    In the case of negative reviews, refrain from providing “+α information.”

    10 Examples of Google Review Responses

    In this chapter, we have compiled 10 example responses.

    We will introduce 10 responses in the following four patterns.

    • Example responses to positive reviews (restaurants, beauty salons, hospitals, hotels)
    • Example responses to negative reviews (restaurants, beauty salons, hospitals, hotels)
    • Example responses in cases of presumed errors or unknown facts
    • Example responses to highly rated reviews containing negative elements

    Since the basic flow is the same even for different industries, try replacing it with your own store or industry.

    Examples of Responses to Positive Reviews: 4 Selections

    First, here are examples of responses to positive reviews (high-rated reviews).

    [Restaurant] When the Food is Complimented

    Review: “I had Bolognese for lunch. The noodles were delightfully chewy, surpassing my expectations.”

    Example 1

    Thank you for visiting “●● Ebisu Store” this time!

    We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed our dishes.


    Our pasta is homemade with a focus on texture, so you can enjoy a chewy texture with any menu. Next time, please try our most popular Carbonara! We look forward to welcoming you again.


    All the staff are looking forward to your next visit.

    [Beauty Salon] When the Finish or Service is Complimented

    Review: “I found a salon I want to keep visiting. I was carefully listened to, and my first perm resulted in the hairstyle I envisioned.”

    Example 2

    Thank you for using “●● Ebisu Store” this time!

    Also, thank you very much for taking the time to post a wonderful review amid your busy schedule.


    Since it was your first perm, we took the time for a thorough consultation. We’re glad to hear your words, “It turned out as I envisioned!”


    We also offer coupons for customers from the second visit on our website, so please use them on your next visit.


    We look forward to your next visit, ○○. Sincerely, [Staff Name]

    [Hospital] When the Service is Complimented

    Review: “I had sudden severe tooth pain and managed to get a same-day appointment. They provided a smooth response. Both the service and treatment were meticulous.”

    Example 3

    Thank you very much for visiting “●● Dental Clinic” this time.

    We are truly honored to receive your praise for our clinic’s response.


    Dental issues can occur suddenly, so we have organized our system to accommodate urgent patients. We, the staff, will continue to strive to be a dentist where patients can feel at ease.

    If you have any concerns, please feel free to consult with us anytime.

    Director [Director Name]

    [Hotel] When the Facilities are Complimented

    Review: “A hotel located a 5-minute walk from the station in a convenient location. I enjoyed a beautiful night view from the high-floor room.”

    Example 4

    Thank you very much for choosing “●● Hotel” from among many hotels.

    We also sincerely appreciate you sharing your thoughts on your stay.


    We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed the night view from the high floor. On a sunny day at noon, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of the cityscape and distant mountains. If you have the opportunity to use our services again, please enjoy the daytime scenery as well.


    We will continue to strive for each customer to feel comfortable, and we look forward to your next visit, ○○. All staff members are eagerly awaiting your return.

    Examples of Responses to Negative Reviews: 4 Selections

    Next, we will introduce examples of responses to negative reviews when the content is factual.

    [Restaurant] When the Taste of the Food is Criticized

    Review: “The meal is too salty due to excessive salt seasoning.”

    Example 5

    Thank you for using “●● Ebisu Store.”

    And thank you for providing valuable feedback.


    We apologize that we couldn’t provide a dish that met your expectations, ○○. Our dishes are seasoned to complement alcoholic beverages, but we realize that we may have lacked consideration for customers using them as meals.

    We sincerely appreciate your feedback and will work on improvements to ensure all customers enjoy our dishes.


    We hope you continue to choose ●● in the future.

    [Beauty Salon] When the Finish or Service is Criticized

    Review: “I booked for a cut and color. The finish was full of unevenness, and the customer service attitude was terrible.”

    Example 6

    Thank you for using “●● Ebisu Store.”


    This time, due to the response and lack of skills from our staff, we sincerely apologize for causing you discomfort. We deeply apologize.


    We have shared your feedback with our staff, and we will make efforts in customer service guidance and skill improvement to prevent such incidents in the future.


    If there is a day that suits you, we would appreciate it if you could contact us so that we can make corrections.

    [Hospital] When the Treatment or Service is Criticized

    Review: “I felt severe pain. Lack of thoroughness.”

    Example 7

    Thank you for visiting “●● Dental Clinic.”


    We sincerely apologize for causing you discomfort with strong pain and a treatment lacking in thoroughness.


    We take ○○’s feedback seriously and will strive to improve, providing painless and attentive treatment for our patients.


    Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable opinion amidst your busy schedule.

    [Hotel] When Facility Management is Criticized

    Review: “Several hairs were on the bed. Not cleaned.”

    Example 8

    Thank you for staying at “●● Hotel” this time.

    Also, we sincerely appreciate receiving your valuable opinion.


    We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to ○○ due to cleaning issues in your room. We sincerely apologize.

    We reflect on the content of your feedback as something that should not happen at a hotel.


    We have shared your feedback with the responsible person in charge and the staff. In the future, we will implement improvement measures to ensure thorough hygiene management.


    We apologize for not being able to provide satisfactory service despite your stay.

    Example Replies for Cases Where Errors Are Suspected or Facts Are Unknown

    Example replies for cases where the content of the review seems to be directed at another store or where the facts are unknown.

    Example 9


    We apologize for any confusion, but regarding the matter you pointed out, “●● Ebisu Store” does not provide such a service.


    There is a possibility of confusion with a nearby store, so we wanted to reply. Could you please check again?


    If there was any inconvenience caused by us, we will address it, so please contact us.

    Example Reply for Positive Reviews That Include Negative Elements

    Even in seemingly positive reviews, there are cases where negative elements are included. Here is an example reply for such cases.

    Review: “Every dish is delicious. It’s always crowded, but this time I went right at opening hours, so I was seated promptly.”

    Example 10

    Thank you for using “●● Ebisu Store” and for your kind words.


    We are pleased that you enjoy our dishes. Especially on weekends, it tends to get crowded, so we recommend making a reservation in advance for a prompt seating. Please consider making a reservation by phone or through our website for your next visit.


    All the staff are looking forward to your next visit, ○○.

    5 Points for Responding to Reviews

    Here are 5 points to keep in mind when responding to reviews.

    5 Points for Responding to Reviews

    • Reduce the use of standardized phrases and tailor the response to the comment.
    • Avoid cramming keywords.
    • Be careful with handling personal information.
    • Respond promptly when receiving a review.
    • Strive for concise and readable responses.

    Each point is explained below.

    Point 1: Reduce Standardized Phrases and Tailor Responses to Comments

    Using the same response for every review is counterproductive.

    Be conscious of providing responses that align with the content, making customers feel happy about their feedback.

    For example, if the review mentions, “Used the shop for our wedding anniversary,” respond with a comment like, “Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! We are delighted that you chose our shop for such a special day.”

    Point 2: Avoid Cramming Keywords

    Some businesses include keywords in their responses, thinking it improves search rankings or for SEO purposes. However, this can backfire.

    Cramming unnatural keywords can make customers uncomfortable and, in reality, doesn’t significantly improve search rankings. Refer to: 2023 Local Search Ranking Factors Report from Whitespark – Increase local SEO rankings | Whitespark

    Point 3: Be Mindful of Handling Personal Information

    Most customer review accounts do not use real names.

    Instead of responding with “Mr./Ms. So-and-so,” use the name associated with the review account.

    Especially in healthcare, be cautious not to disclose personal information obtained during medical examinations.

    Point 4: Respond Promptly to Reviews

    When you receive a review, respond as soon as possible.

    According to a survey (though overseas), 53% of customers who leave negative reviews expect a response from the business within one week.

    Point 5: Strive for Concise and Readable Responses

    Reviews are often skimmed rather than thoroughly read.

    Even with polite responses, lengthy and hard-to-read replies may be overlooked.

    Be concise and avoid overwhelming the customer with information to ensure readability.

    Creating Review Responses with “ChatGPT”

    While it’s essential to reply individually to each review, it can be time-consuming for those unfamiliar with the process.

    Utilizing the trending AI tool “ChatGPT” for response creation may appeal to business owners.

    Although relying solely on ChatGPT is not recommended, it serves well as a support tool.

    It can generate draft responses, help alter the tone of the text, as mentioned in this article.

    While ChatGPT is not flawless, specifying word limits, including desired content in prompts, helps generate higher-quality responses.

    It’s possible to use it for inputting self-created responses and getting them checked for expression and content issues.

    For those struggling with review responses, try using it as a support tool.

    How to Remove Inappropriate Reviews? [Countermeasures]

    Business owners cannot delete reviews, but inappropriate ones can be reported to Google.

    Report reviews that violate Google’s guidelines, such as those with false information, aggressive content, or suspected spam.

    If the report is accepted by Google, there is a possibility of the review being removed.

    Responding to Reviews from Google Business Profile: Procedure

    Responses to reviews can be made through the Google Business Profile management interface.

    The steps are as follows:

    1. Click on “Reviews” on the left side of the Google Business Profile management page.

    2. Click the “Reply” button for the review you want to respond to.

    3. Enter your response and press the “Post Reply” button to complete the process.

    Setting up Mechanisms to Increase Reviews is Also Important!

    While this article focuses on responding to reviews, actively seeking to increase reviews is crucial for business promotion.

    With only a few reviews, the information is not sufficient for potential customers.

    Google Maps rankings are influenced by the number and score of reviews. Refer to: Google

    Since even excellent services may receive low ratings, actively encourage customers to leave reviews to minimize the visibility of negative ones.

    Use methods like:

    Ways to Increase Reviews

    • Ask customers during payment, “If it’s okay, could you share your thoughts on our service?”
    • Place a POP with a QR code inside the store.
    • Send a thank-you email after service completion, along with a request and link for leaving a review.

    ※Note that offering incentives for reviews is prohibited.

    Conclusion: Convey the Attractiveness of Your Business in Responses to Customers

    Responding to reviews is a form of communication with customers.

    Reply courteously to enhance the satisfaction of customers who took the time to leave feedback.

    Since reviews contain real opinions and feedback, checking them carefully can contribute to store improvements.

    Moreover, reviews can increase the motivation for visitors to come to your store.

    Reply thoughtfully to each review, conveying the charm of your business.

    At our company, Xscore, we support business owners in maximizing their business exposure on Google and creating a positive cycle of customer attraction.