What is Enhanced CPC?



  • We’ll explain one strategy you can use to maximize your conversions: Enhanced CPC.

    What is Enhanced CPC?

    This is one of the “automatic bidding features” provided by Google Ads and aims to increase conversions using machine learning.

    Google calculates the estimated conversion rate for keywords based on past conversion performance, and increases the maximum cost-per-click (CPC) by up to 30% in auctions for ads that Google determines are likely to generate conversions, so that they appear higher than the competition. It will automatically adjust.

    Additionally, in auctions for ads with low conversion potential, the maximum cost per click is lowered to reduce unnecessary costs.

    How to set up Enhanced CPC

    Benefits of using extended CPC

    By using Enhanced CPC, you can eliminate the need for complicated bid management even when there are many campaigns and keywords included in them.

    This allows you to increase the number of conversions while adjusting your overall cost per acquisition.

    How to set it up manually

    1 First, click “Campaign” from the Google Ads management screen.

    2 Select the name of the “campaign” you want to set.

    3 Next, click “Settings” in the menu.

    4 Select “Bid Price” → Click “Change Bidding Strategy”.

    5 Select Individual CPC from the drop-down menu and check Enable Enhanced CPC.

    *If you have not set up conversion tracking, please set it up first before trying.

    Effective usage patterns for Enhanced CPC

    The following patterns can be expected to benefit from enhanced CPC.

    ▶︎ If you want to use advertising costs as efficiently as possible

    You can expect the effect of using it more efficiently without changing your current budget.


    ▶︎ If ad performance seems to be stagnant

    If you were able to get some conversions in the past, but they are stagnant, you may be able to increase your acquisitions by using expanded CPC.


    On the other hand, if the effect cannot be expected…

    ▶︎ If you have few conversions or have just started a campaign

    Your bid may be lowered because there is not enough data to refer to when making automatic adjustments.


    ▶︎ For keywords that you want to display high on

    Since you cannot set individual prices, it is not suitable if you have a keyword that you want to be displayed at the top of, such as a designated keyword.


    Even if you have been adjusting only manually, why not rely on expanded CPC?

    If your campaign has been able to obtain conversions in the past, it may lead to improved results.